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Sunny Sefzik |
Ed, all that I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart. The beauty of the Smoky Mountains will always be with me. Summer told me the story that goes with the picture; just absolutely wonderful!
Merry Christmas!
29 November 2011 04:35pm - Midway, PA

Story John |
Amazing pictures. What a talent!
26 November 2011 04:49pm - US

Summer Pizzuti |
Ed, these are all breathtaking pictures! I looked through them with my husband and he agrees how wonderful you capture the beauty of nature.
30 September 2011 01:55am - Michigan

Sunny Sefzik (Summer Pizzuti's mom) |
Summer directed me to your site; the beauty that you capture through a camera lens is amazing. Wonderful photos!
25 September 2011 07:41pm - Pennsylvania

Marichal Claude |
Superbe photos,merci.
29 January 2011 07:03am - Faymonville ( B )

Kelly & Ellen |
21 May 2008 03:38pm - Crittenton

Superbe travail ,je reviendrai ,bonne continuation a vous .
3 May 2008 01:25pm - Belgique,belgium

Beautiful photographies!
Ciao dall'Italia.
24 April 2008 03:08pm

C. Neville |
I didn't know that Zion National Park and Arizona held such treasures from nature. I was amazed to see some of the rock formations in Arizona!! Arizona and Utah are two places I'd really like to visit now - if I'm ever lucky enough to visit North America.
23 April 2008 11:39pm - East Sussex, United Kingdom

Debbie McDonald |
There is something so magical and vibrant when viewing your photos. You have been able to capture so many beautiful places. Thank you for sharing your artistic gift with the rest of us.
15 April 2008 09:59pm - Romeo, MI

The nature is magic and photos beautiful!!
11 April 2008 07:42am

michelle newson |
u are a wonferful artist. may God continue to bless your talents. beautiful work beautiful thanks for sharing.
21 March 2008 07:22pm - at your eye doctor

Carolyn Tipton |
You manage to capture with your camera the "inner" beauty of the places you photograph. Awesome!. I enjoy spending time viewing your photograpy. Thanks for sharing - ckt
23 October 2007 02:02am - Palmyra

Stephanie Botkin |
I have always admired your work, and would love to add to my collection of Ed Margiewicz originals. Please let me know when this will be possible. I really enjoy your website. Thanks for sharing.
13 October 2007 02:45pm

susan lokar |
SUPER FANTASTIC!!!!!It makes me want to everywhere, anywhere for such peacefulness. You have truely captured the moment "tranquil"
13 October 2007 01:57pm

denise choate
fantastic, you never fail to amaze and impress me.
11 October 2007 10:38am

Beautiful photography.I love the photos
of the "Narrows" and the Virgin River
10 October 2007 09:48pm - ann arbor,mich.

Charles Ingvar
Your web site is great and your pictures are awesome! It looks as though you and your wife really enjoy your passion for photography. Your pictures are very professional and Iím interested in purchasing more than one. Your prices are very reasonable, but, I must still ask if you offer a discount for multiple orders?
10 October 2007 00:13am - USA

Donna Patterson |
You continue to amaze me with your artistic photography. Keep up the great work.
2 October 2007 01:49am